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Why do we do it?

I know I’m not the only mom who needs easy and quick dinners.  There is a world of mom’s looking for an answer for dinner. Something that is easy to make and that everyone will eat, even the picky eaters.  We meet lots of customers who have busy schedules with work and with their families and they don’t have time to spend it in the kitchen cooking dinner.  These mixes are designed to be quick and easy so that when you get home at 7pm and everyone is hungry you can put in little work and have dinner in 20 minutes.  There aren’t any easy options for dinner for customers who are gluten free. We strive to make gluten free so good that you can’t tell the difference between gluten free and regular.  We have quite a few customers who sample the gluten free at shows and are completely surprised that they are eating gluten free.


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My Dad

My dad will be gone 11 years this summer.   It’s hard to believe how time flies. He had a dream for successful food company which made products that were delicious and easy.  He was smart, funny and full of lots of ideas. He was always trying to think of clever names for our products.  Even though he was from Oklahoma he had a great pride for the state of Texas. He loved Texas names. He name our tortilla soup mix, Lone Star Tortilla to be tribute to the state that he loved. In 2000, Texas got publicity for the Texas Seven prison outbreak.  He promptly named a new soup mix Texas Convict complete with a prisoner on the front.  He also took an interest in making candied jalapenos but of course with a different spin.  In his recipe he added maraschino cherries and pineapples to the jalapenos. He searched for a funny name for the jalapenos and finally settled on Jack Ass Jalapenos and Upside Down Jack Ass Jalapenos.  My dad had a knack for making the most unlikely customer sample and purchase.

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Wyatt cooks the Double C Kitchen


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A customer who threw away too many spoons at the Peddler Show in Arlington.



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Customers sampling


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Upside Down Jack Ass Jalapeños


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