Who likes to buy school supplies?

Is there anyone he likes to buy school supplies or at least has a peaceful experience? If so i would like to know. It takes me at least 6 trips to the store to complete the list because I usually get mad about what’s on the list & have to stop. Here are the things I find most annoying: the list says 40 sharpened pencils but the pencils only come packaged by 12, the list says 3 pink erasers but they come packaged by 4, the list says 4 glue sticks but they come packaged by 6, the list says a 3 inch binder which at Wal-mart today was going to cost $16., of course I didn’t buy it. Maybe this doesn’t drive everyone crazy but it does me, my blood pressure sky rockets every time I have to even venture into the school supply section. The list says washable Crayola markers, but those are $1.97. The off brand is on sale for $.50. What difference does the brand make? Yes maybe Crayola is a better brand but it’s not cost effective. The list says 24ct Crayola crayons which are $1.47 and the off brand is $.50. If someone can explain the purpose of buying the name brand over the off brand, please let me know. Today I really thought I’d seen it all, the list says Sharpie Gel Highlighters which are $6 when the regular highlighter are $2. I thought a highlighter was a highlighter. How much difference could a gel highlighter make? Of course I didn’t finish buying the school supplies because i was so annoyed over the gel highlighter situation. I guess I’ll have to save up some patience for my next trip to buy more school supplies.


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