Camp Blessing

Last week my oldest son, Cole, attended Camp Blessing at Camp Holy Wild. For those who don’t know me or Cole. He is 21 and he is autistic. Cole hasn’t attended Camp Blessing before, this was his first year. He had some great separation anxieties which caused difficulties in the beginning but it turned out he had one of the best times ever. We went to the closing ceremony on Saturday to pick Cole up. I was so impressed by the love of everyone who worked at Camp Blessing. Almost everyone there was a volunteer who had given up their time so that these special need kids could have a great time. Cole even rode the zip line. At the moment Camp Blessing is renting camp space from other camps. They do have 78 acres in Tomball where they are planning to put in their own year round camp but that of course costs money. It would be great if you would like them on Facebook. The more exposure they get, the easier it will be for them to get donations. I think Camp Blessing was the best experience ever! I am thankful for everyone that worked there and that Cole was able to attend.


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