Sweets Is Not Always Sweet

For Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to get Gladys a dog for Christmas.  Of course I bought her the dog, a black lab, and every time I hear about something she has done I regret buying her.  She is the craziest dog ever besides Thomas’s dog BooBoo. Thomas is Gladys’s nephew that does shows for us. Gladys’s dog is named Sweets and she is far from being sweet.  She is a very pretty dog but has absolutely no manners, she definitely needs to go to some kind of school.  She loves to grab things with her mouth and run off.  The other day she grabbed the salt shaker, of course it was upsde down and ran all of the house with it, dumping salt everywhere.  Needless to say, Gladys was not very happy.  I think she would make a good dog for sledding because once you put the leash on her she’ll pull you like there is no tomorrow.  I’m positive that she would be able to win a dog sledding race if she were entered into one.  Sweets definitely makes life more interesting.


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